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Make recommendations, inform, coordinate and facilitate statewide efforts to improve Oklahomans’ exposure to high-demand career and entrepreneurship opportunities, along with the education and training required for entry into and advancement within a chosen career. Develop industry sector strategies in state and regional ecosystems to ensure that the education and training system is delivering the skills needed by employers.


  • Certify Workforce Development Boards in compliance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).
  • Continue designing, aligning and integrating Oklahoma’s workforce/talent development and delivery system.
  • Set system-wide metrics and performance expectations.
  • Identify and conduct service delivery efficiency pilot projects.
  • Research and identify operational and organizational strategies that will help make workforce boards stronger and service delivery better.
  • Develop guidance to make the workforce system more effective and efficient.
  • Development of the State Plan, Council Strategic Plan, and the Annual Report.
  • Work with regional planning areas to develop planning documents.

Action Items:

  • Coordinate and ensure support at the local and state level to the Oklahoma Works vision.
  • Through a partner supported subcommittee, provide guidance in the form of policy and technical assistance to ensure compliance to WIOA local areas and designated local planning regions, to ensure statewide metrics and required performance are met.
  • Convene statewide workforce development partners and local workforce development boards and provide venues and opportunities for continued system building.
  • Support and facilitation for pilot projects to provide models for the statewide system
  • Plan and develop statewide summits for the Local Elected Officials and board members to continue regional planning.


  • System Oversight Subcommittee (SOS)
    The SOS is the working arm of the Workforce System Oversight Committee and is focused on developing the system-wide framework and policy documents necessary for compliance with WIOA legislation and federal regulation. The committee is also tasked with compliance review of the system, including the local Oklahoma Works Centers across the state.

October 7, 2020;

Attachments for 10/7 meeting:

2. Minutes for 9.22.20 WSOC Meeting (Draft for WSOC approval 10.7.20)

3. OWDI 09-2020 Eligible Training Provider Policy (Draft for WSOC approval 10.7.20)

4. OWDI 10-2020 Regional and Local Planning Instructions (Draft for WSOC approval 10.7.20)

4a. OWDI 10-2020 Attachment A Regional Plan Instructions (Draft for WSOC approval 10.7.20)

4b. OWDI 10-2020 Attachment B Local Plan Instructions (Draft for WSOC approval 10.7.20)

5. OWDI 11-2020 Access for All Star Accessibility Framework Phase I – Initial Assessment (Draft for WSOC approval 10.7.20)

5a. OWDI 11-2020 Attachment A Star Accessibility Framework Assessment Rubric Score Sheet (Draft for WSOC approval 10.7.20)

6. 2021 WSOC meeting date options (for WSOC discussion 10.7.20)

September 22, 2020;

Attachments for 9/22 meeting:

2. Minutes of 6.3.20 WSOC Meeting (Draft for WSOC approval 9.22.2020)

3. OWDI 07-2020 Adult and Dislocated Worker Program Policy (Draft for WSOC approval 9.22.2020)

4. OWDI 08-2020 Special Issue and Investigative Monitoring Policy (Draft for WSOC approval 9.22.2020)

5. OWDI 07-2016, Change 1 Transfer of Formula Funds Policy (Draft for WSOC approval 9.22.2020)

June 3, 2020;

Attachments for 6/3 meeting:

2. Minutes from 5.7.20 WSOC Meeting (Draft for WSOC approval 6.3.20)

3. OWDI 04-2020 Selective Service Registration Policy (final draft for WSOC approval 6.3.2020)

4. OWDI 05-2020 Local Performance Goals Negotiation Process Policy (draft for WSOC approval 6.3.2020)

May 7, 2020;

Attachments for 5/7 meeting:

2. Minutes from 1.8.20 WSOC Meeting (Draft for WSOC approval 5.7.20)

3. OWDI #11-2017 Change 1 Governor’s Oversight and Monitoring Plan (Draft for WSOC approval 5.7.2020)

4. OWDI #02-2020 Sanctions and Resolution Process (Draft for WSOC approval 5.7.20)

5. OWDI #03-2020 Fraud and Incident Reporting Policy (Draft for WSOC approval 5.7.20)

6. OWDI #05-2017 Change 2 Local Board Certification Policy (Draft for WSOC approval 5.7.20)

January 8, 2020;

Attachments for 1/8 meeting:

2. Minutes from 11.8.19 WSOC Meeting (For approval 1.8.20)

3. Local Plan Updates (for WSOC approval 1.8.20)

4. Regional Plan Updates (for WSOC approval 1.8.20)

5a. OWDI 01-2020 Business Services Policy (draft for WSOC approval 1.8.20)

5b. OWDI 01-2020 Business Services Policy Attachment A (draft for WSOC approval 1.8.20)

November 8, 2019;

Attachments for 11/8 meeting:

2a. Minutes from 6.28.19 WSOC Meeting (Draft for WSOC approval 11-8-19)

2b. Minutes from 8.26.19 WSOC Meeting (No quorum – for review 11-8-19)

3. WSOC 2020 Meeting Dates (for approval 10.11.19)

4. Local Area Waiver Request ETPL

Local Area Waiver Request ISY OSY Youth


5. LWDB Center Certification Recommendations (2019-2021) for WSOC 10.11.2019

6. Systems Oversight Subcommittee Notes (for WSOC Discussion 10.11.19)


August 26, 2019;

Attachments for 8/26 meeting:

Policy on 2019 HHS Poverty Guidelines and LLSIL (draft for WSOC approval 8.9.2019)

Policy on Use of Grant Funds to Pay for Cost of Meals (Draft for WSOC approval 8.9.19)

Policy OWDI #09-2017, Change 1 WIOA Core Performance Measures (Draft for WSOC approval 8.9.19)

June 28, 2019; minutes

Attachments for 6/28 meeting:

1. 12.14.18 WSOC Minutes (draft for WSOC approval 6.28.19)

2. OK NDP 2019 (draft for WSOC approval 6.28.19)

3. Corrective Action and Sanctions Policy (draft for WSOC approval 6.28.19)

4. OWDI #01-2018 Change 1- DRAFT WIOA Section 188 Discrimination Complaint Procedures (draft for WSOC approval 6.28.19)

5. OWDI #14-2017, Change 1 Rapid Response Activities and Layoff Aversion (draft for WSOC approval 6.28.19)

6a. Assessment Policy (draft for WSOC approval 6.28.19)

6b. Assessment Policy – Attachment A (draft for WSOC approval 6.28.19)

7. IEP Policy (draft for WSOC approval 6.28.19)


December 14, 2018;

Attachments for 12/14 meeting:

Attachments for 12-14-18 meeting

June 8, 2018;

April 13, 2018minutes

Attachments for 4/13 meeting:
Waiver State Plan Flexibility Inquiry Memo

State of Oklahoma Waivers

Branding Comparison List

March 9, 2018;minutes

January 26, 2018minutes

Attachments for 1/26 meeting:
1. OOWD Memo WSOC 1.26.18
2. OWDI Draft-EO Discrimination Procedures final draft
2a. Discrimination Complaint Appendix A_complaint_form and consent
2b. Discrimination Complaint Appendix B_consent_to_mediate
2c. Discrimination Complaint Appendix C_sample_agreement
2d. Discrimination Complaint Appendix D_communication_log
2e. Discrimination Complaint Appendix E_complaint_log
3. #13-2017 Nondiscrimination EO Policy v.2 final draft
4. OWDI #08-2017, Change 1 _ Data Integrity _ Final Draft
5. OWDI 21-2017 Change 1 Data Validation_Final Draft
6. OWDI #09-2017 Core Performance Change 1_Final Draft
6a. Service Definitions Final Draft Glossary
7. Supplemental Wage – Final Draft
8. Roles and Responsibilities V3 Final9. Worksite Agreement Policy 1.23.2017
9a. Attachment A Worksite Terms and Conditions 1.23.2017
9b. Attachment B WIOA Trainee Work Plan 1.23.2017
9c. Attachment C WIOA Trainee Time Sheet 1.23.2017
9d. Attachment D WIOA Work Experience Trainee Evaluation
9e. Attachment E Work Experience Orientation
9f. Attachment F Work Experience Incident Report
10. OWDI #16-2017 Grievance and Complaint Process Change 1

2018 WSOC Calendar Schedule


December 8, 2017minutes

Attachments for 12/8 meeting:
OWDI #24-2017 Infrastructure Funding Agreements State Funding Mechanism Change 1 – DRAFT 12.05.17

October 27, 2017; minutes


Attachments for 10/27 meeting:
40% Min Training Rate Change 1
Oklahoma 2017 Non Discrimination Plan

October 13, 2017; minutes

Attachments for 10/13 meeting:

Adult DLW policy draft 10-10-17
Branding Policy-Draft 10-10-17

Conflict of Interest – Draft 10-10-17
Data Validation – Draft 10-10-17
Local_ADULT_ PY16 WIOA Annual Performance Report
New Performance Negotiation – Draft 10-10-17

Nondiscrimination EO Policy,Change 1 – Draft 10-10-17
PY 16 WIOA Adult Annual Performance Report
PY16 WIOA Annual DW Performance Report
PY16 WIOA Annual Youth Performance Report
Transitional Jobs-Draft 10-10-17
WIOA Youth Policy Change 2 Draft 10-10-17

September 8, 2017;  minutes

August 11, 2017; minutes

June 23, 2017; minutes

June 9, 2017; minutes

April 24, 2017; minutes

March 3, 2017; minutes

October 7, 2016; minutes

September 9, 2016; minutes

June 21, 2016; minutes

April 8, 2016; minutes

January 15, 2016; minutes

Katie Altshuler, Co-Chair
Government and Community Relations Lead, Marathon Oil

(Vacant), Co-Chair

Valerie Thompson
President/CEO, Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City

Martin Williams
Owner/Manager, Williams Farms

Dee Hays
CEO, Excellence Engineering 

Stephanie Roe
SOS Co-Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Services

Darcee Simon, Workforce System Coordinator
Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development
Representing Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development

Linda Emrich, Executive Asst to Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development and GCWED Coordinator
Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development
Representing Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development Office of Workforce Development