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Governor's Council Quarterly Meetings

DateAgendaMinutesAdditional Handouts
January 27, 2023Agenda 1-27-23
Item 2 Minutes 10-28-22
Item 4a OOWD #07-2020 Change 1 Adult and Dislocated Programs w/Attachments
Item 6 - UpskillOK and Show What You Know-compressed
Item 9 - CWE Presentation
Item 11 - OOWD Update
October 28, 2022Agenda 10-28-22
Minutes 10-28-22
Item #2 Minutes 4-29-22
Item #3 Summary of 7-29-22 Convening
Item 4A Data Integrity Policy
Item 4B Incumbent Worker Training Policy
Item 4C Green County Workforce Board Certification
Item 4D 2023 GC Meeting Schedule
Item 5 Goodwill Presentation
Item 7 ReMerge Presentation
Item 9 Financial Services Update
July 29, 2022
(No quorum; no votes taken on items)
Agenda 7-29-22
Item #2 Minutes 4-29-22
OWDI 02-2022 Data Integrity & PII
OWDI 03-2022 Incumbent Worker Training Services
Green County WDB Certification
OOWD Update
GCWED Financial Update
April 29, 2022Agenda 4-29-22
Minutes 4-29-22
Don Morris Update
Centers of Excellence
February 11, 2022Agenda 2-11-22
Minutes 2-11-22
October 29, 2021 (Meeting cancelled)
July 30, 2021Agenda 7-30-21
OWDI 01-2021 Change-1 Case Management and Common Exit Policy
OWDI 02-2019 Change-2 Data Validation
OWDI 02-2019 Change-2 Attachments for Data Validation Policy
OWDI 04-2021 Performance Incentive Awards for Local Workforce Boards
OWDI 04-2016 Change-1 Local Elected Official Consortium Agreement
OWDI 06-2021 Poverty Guidelines
Draft Gov Letter for NDP Submission
2022 GCWED Meetings Calendar
ORWA Presentation
April 30, 2021Agenda 4-30-21
Minutes 4-30-21
Item #2A Minutes 11-13-20
Item #2B OWDI #01-2021 WIOA Case Management & Common Exit
Item #2C OWDI #02-2021 WIOA Core Performance Measures & Performance Success
Item #2D OWDI #03-2021 LWDB Certification Policy with Attachments
Item #2E OWDI #04-2021 Performance Incentive Awards
Item #2F OWDI #05-2021 Sub-grantee Risk Assessment
Item #2G OWDI #14-2017 Change 2 Rapid Response Activities & Layoff Aversion
Item #2H OWDI #01-2019 Change 1 Center Certification Policy with Attachments
Item #2I OWDI #02-2019 Change 1 Data Validation & Documentation Requirements
Item #3 GCWED Strategic Plan 2019-22
Item #4 OK Center of Workforce Excellence Applications
Item #6 OK Office of Workforce Dev Update
Item #7 GCWED 4-30-21 Performance Update
Item #7 PY19 State Performance Assessment Title I_III
Item #8 GCWED Committee Updates 4-30-21
January 19, 2021
(Meeting cancelled)
November 13, 2020 (Virtual Meeting)
*Date Changed
Agenda 11-13-20
Minutes 11-13-20
3a. Minutes 7-31-20
3b. 2021 Calendar
3c. OWDI #07-2016 Change 1 Transfer of Formula Funds Policy
3d. OWDI #07-2020 Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs w-Atts
3e. OWDI #08-2020 Special Issue and Investigative Monitoring
3f. OWDI #09-2020 Eligible Training Provider
3g. OWDI #10-2020 Regional and Local Planning w-Atts
3h. OWDI #11-2020 Access for All Star Accessibility Framework Phase I - Initial Assessment
5a. OK COVID Recovery Plan_Board Briefing Maher & Maher
5b. OK COVID Recovery Plan Narrative Maher & Maher
6. OOWD Update
7. WIOA Performance Update
8. Incentive Grant Announcement
9. Career Ladders
10. Benefit Cliffs
11. Centers of Excellence-October 12, 2020 Evaluation Results
July 31, 2020Agenda 7-31-20
Minutes 7-31-20
Minutes 1-31-20
Minutes 4-24-20
OOWD Update
Reach Higher
Southern Workforce Board Overview
OWDI #11-2017 Change 1 Governor's Oversight and Monitoring Plan
OWDI #05-2017 Change 2 Local Board Certification Policy
OWDI #02-2020 Sanctions and Resolution Process
OWDI #03-2020 Fraud and Incident Reporting Policy
OWDI #04-2020 Selective Service Registration
OWDI #05-2020 Local Performance Goals Negotiation Process
Bylaws Revision
GCWED Wage Progression & Performance
Career Ready Schools
Centers of Excellence
April 24, 2020Agenda 4-24-20
Minutes 4-24-20 Career Tech Update
DRS Update
January 31, 2020Agenda 1-31-20
Minutes 1-31-20 OWDI 01-2020 Business Services Policy
Self Assessment Tool
OOWD Update
Career Pathways Update
WSOC Update
Youth Committee Update
Healthcare Workforce Update
COWIB Presentation
October 25, 2019Agenda 10-25-19
Minutes 10-25-19
GC Meeting Calendar 2020
GCWED Strategic Plan
OOWD Budget
Local Area Expenditures
Annual Performance Report
OWDI 08-2019
OWDI 09-2019
Center Certification Recommendations
Workforce Tulsa Board Certification Recommendation
Youth Council Update
Career Pathways Update
WSOC Update
Healthcare Workforce Committee

July 26, 2019Agenda 7-26-19
Minutes 7-26-19
OK NDP Draft
OWDI #01-2019 Center Certification Policy
OWDI #02-2019 Data Validation Combined
OWDI #03-2019 Individual Employment Plan
OWDI #04-2019 Assessments
OWDI #05-2019 Nondiscrimination & EO Corrective Action & Sanctions Policy
OWDI #01-2018 Change 1 WIOA Section 188 Discrimination Complaint Procedures
OWDI #05-2018 Change 1 Waiver Requests
OWDI #01-2017 Change 1 Regional and Local Planning Instructions
OWDI #05-2017 Change 1 Local Board Certification Policy
OWDI #14-2017, Change 1 Rapid Response Activities and Layoff Aversion
LWDB Board Certification Recommendations (2019-2021)
GCWED Strategic Plan Draft 7-18-19
Dave Stewart Presentation
April 26, 2019Agenda 4-26-19
Minutes 4-26-19
Regional and Local Planning Instructions
Local Board 2 Year Certification
Center Certification Policy
GC Bylaws Article IV
CEO Overview
Oklahoma's Talent Pipeline Recommendations
January 25, 2019Agenda 1-25-19
Minutes 1-25-19
Annual Report
Talent Pipeline Report
Bylaws revision
SB 174
SB 191
Reach Higher Adult Completion Program
October 26, 2018Agenda 10-26-18
Minutes 10-26-18
Gov. Fallin Presentation
System Partner Metrics
GCW ED Report
WIOA Adult PY 17 Annual Report
WIOA Dislocated Worker PY 17 Annual Report
WIOA Youth PY 17 Annual Report
Branding & Outreach
OWFA Overview
GCWED Compliance Duties
Council Bylaws Revisions
2019 GC Meeting Calendar
HWSC Nursing Professions Issue Compilation Brief 2018
Career Pathways Update
Youth Council Update
Healthcare Committee Goals
July 27, 2018Agenda 7-27-18
Minutes 7-27-18
Executive Director's Report
Employment Outcomes
Career Expo Week
Career Pathways Update
WSOC Update
Youth Programs Update
Youth Programs Transition Update
April 27, 2018Agenda 4-27-18
Minutes 4-27-18
Waiver Approval Process Policy
OAWDB Retreat
Chart Goals-WBL
WBL Guidance Draft
Proposal & Business Reg Survey

January 26, 2018Agenda 1-26-18
Minutes 1-26-18
Building a High Performance Workforce Board Framework
NSFY Update
Healthcare Committee Update
Career Pathways Update
High Performing Board Results
October 27, 2017Agenda 10-27-17
Minutes 10-27-17
PY 16 Analysis for Governor's Council
WIOA Adult Annual Performance Report
WIOA Dislocated Workers Annual Performance Report
WIOA Youth Annual Performance Report
2018 Governor's Council Meetings
Oklahoma Works Metrics Presentation
Workforce Partners Metrics Dashboard
Top Critical Occupations Statewide
SOS Deep Dive
SOS Committee Update
CP Committee Update
Character Development
Proposed Healthcare Legislation
Critical Occupations
New Skills for Youth Update
July 28, 2017Agenda 7-28-17
Minutes 7-28-17
OOWD State Budget Presentation 7-28-17
New Skills for Youth Update 7-28-17

Youth Council Deep Dive:

High School Equivalency Subcommittee 7-28-17

Certified Career Ready Schools Subcommittee 7-28-17
Character Education Subcommittee 7-28-17
ICAP Subcommittee 7-28-17
April 28, 2017Agenda 4-28-17
Minutes 4-28-17
Health workforce update 4-28-17
Career Pathways Deep Dive

New Skills for Youth

Central Region 4-28-17

Northeast Region 4-28-17
Southeast Region 4-28-17
Western Region 4-28-17
January 27, 2017Agenda 1-27-17
Minutes 1-27-17
Health Workforce Overview
Oklahoma Business Health and Wellness Project Presentation
Healthworkforce Overview
GCWED State Budget Presentation