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Information on COVID-19 and Oklahoma Works Learn More
The coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a unique impact on Oklahoma’s Workforce System. Whether you are a jobseeker or employer, we are here to help you find resources and information to assist with unemployment benefits, layoffs, job search, hiring resources, and other workforce needs.

Employee/Jobseeker Information

Find answers to your frequently asked questions here.

Experiencing a layoff?

If you are experiencing a layoff, find resources to help you transition to your next job.

Need help filing for unemployment benefits?

Find answers to frequently asked questions or file an unemployment claim. If you have questions about applying for unemployment benefits, visit this page.

Claimants/Job Seekers Tips:

  • If you need to register for work, go to
  • If you need to report to show identification fax a copy of two forms of identification, one of which must be a photo-ID to: 405-962-7524.
  • If you were scheduled for a group session call the number that was listed on the notice you received. See the list of local office telephone numbers and select the appropriate office.

Looking for a job?

Please visit OKJobMatch. You can also download the OKJobMatch app for iPhone and Android users. Many retailers are hiring due to increased demand for goods such as groceries, stocking and delivery. You can also find free online training, resume and cover letter templates, and other resources available here.

Many of the state’s hospitals are looking for a variety positions. Please visit their websites. Follow us on Twitter for round the clock Oklahoma job news

Employer Information

Find answers to your frequently asked questions here.

Have questions about unemployment?

  • If you need to file quarterly reports or pay taxes, go to the EZ Tax website at
  • If you have any questions about your tax account, call 405-552-6799.
  • If you need to submit any documentation or respond to any tax determinations you have received from OESC, please fax it to 405-557-7271.
  • If you have a question about responding to or protesting an unemployment benefit claim, call 405-552-6799 and follow the prompts.
  • If you need to provide documentation for an unemployment benefit claim, fax it to 405-962-7524 or mail it to OESC P.O. Box 52006 Oklahoma City, Ok 73152-2006.

Need help with layoffs, furloughs, or voluntary buyouts, including WARN notices?

Employers can access assistance with layoffs, furloughs, or voluntary buyouts.

Learn how to file a WARN notice.

Looking for other business resources?

If your business has been adversely impacted by COVID-19 please visit Find answers to other frequently asked questions here, including when employees might be eligible for unemployment benefits and how to apply for SBA loans.

Other business resources can be found on the Department of Commerce website.

Need help locating internet?

Internet Resources for Oklahoma Residents During Public Health Emergency