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What is Oklahoma Career Exposure Week?

Career Exposure Week is February 28 – March 4, 2022.

This week-long event connects students with businesses to give our future talent an opportunity to explore the possibilities that await them in Oklahoma. Events during Career Exposure Week allow local employers to showcase critical careers in demand industries to inspire and recruit new talent, and give Oklahoma’s talent a front row seat to experience the wide array of careers available within our State.

Oklahoma Works is designed to align education and training to the needs of businesses so that more Oklahomans can achieve economic success. To do this, our private and public partners across the state are investing in long-term strategies to develop and nurture our current and future talent pipeline.

Our Mission:

Oklahoma Career Exposure Week was created in 2017 to:

  • Introduce people to careers in businesses and industries in Oklahoma’s driver and complementary ecosystems and critical occupations;
  • Empower Oklahoma businesses and industries in the state’s ecosystems and workforce development regions to engage with educators, students, parents, and others about career opportunities;
  • Change misconceptions of Oklahoma’s demand and critical occupations and the businesses and industries in Oklahoma’s economy;
  • Draw attention to the roles businesses and industries play in communities across the state; and
  • Underscore the economic and social significance of demand and critical occupations in Oklahoma.

We are asking businesses throughout Oklahoma to partner with their local schools to provide opportunities for students to experience career options either on the business site or in the classroom.

Students, parents, educators, non-profit executives, government and business leaders are welcome to participate in statewide events throughout the week. Sponsored events for Career Exposure Week include activities targeted to students in K-12 and beyond, such as hosting on-site job shadow experiences and industry tours, promoting internships or apprenticeships, participating in classroom presentations or project-based learning, and more.

Planning Resources:

Career Exposure Week Event Planning Guide: free event planning resource to make planning your event easy.