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OKC tech++ 2.0
June 24, 2021
Dunlap Codding
609 West Sheridan Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Join us for the 2nd edition of our tech, startups, and entrepreneurs mixer with great speakers and pop-up talks with industry experts, over an inspiring local art showcase, drinks, and snacks. Brought to you by members of our OKC tech & startup communities.

The event begins at 6pm.

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Skillful Talent Series 101: Attracting the Right Talent
May 26, 2021
Pioneer Tech
2101 N Ash St
Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601
Hiring the right employee is now more important than ever. As the economy changes, our hiring practices should adapt and ensure we hire the best employee possible. A skills-based approach to hiring can increase retention by up to 65% and improve staff performance. Reduce bias to improve inclusivity and equity in your hiring process. Join us to learn how to attract the right candidates based on their skills and not proxy.
Hosted by the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance

GCWED Executive Committee Special Virtual Meeting
May 7, 2021
Virtual Meeting, Details Below

Virtual Zoom Meeting – Meeting ID: 987 3829 7712 Passcode: 347310
Meeting Link:


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