Oklahoma brings together leaders from business, government, education, and non-profit sectors to jointly develop ways to coordinate workforce development with economic development.

The Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development works to develop creative solutions that expand and improve Oklahoma’s workforce, providing better jobs for workers and a skilled workforce for business and industry.

Governor’s Council Membership List

Oklahoma WIBs – All Board Members June 2015

Information on WIOA Statewide Public Input Sessions

New Governor’s Council Bylaws 2016

Oklahoma’s Four Planning Regions Map

Oklahoma’s Workforce Development Areas Map



2017 Governor’s Council Meeting Schedule

July 28, 9:00 a.m.
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City
Student Center, 3rd Floor
900 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

October 27, 9:00 a.m.
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City
Student Center, 3rd Floor
900 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Meeting Handouts for July 28th

Agenda 7-28-17 Final
Minutes 4-28-17
Career Pathways Update 07-28-17
7-28-17 Governors’ Council NSFY
GCWED State Budget Presentation
Certified Career Ready School
Character Sub-Committee Report
ICAP Slides

Meeting Handouts for April 28th:

Agenda 4-28-17
Minutes 1-27-17
Health workforce update 4-28-17
Career Pathways Deep Dive
New Skills for Youth
Central Region 4-28-17
Northeast Region 4-28-17
Southeast Region 4-28-17
Western Region 4-28-17

Meeting Handouts for January 27th:
Health workforce Overview
Oklahoma Business Health and Wellness Project Presentation
Healthworkforce Overview
GCWED State Budget Presentation

Meeting Handouts for October 28th:
Meeting Agenda Oct. 28, 2016
10-28-16 Mtg-Vice Chair
PY15 Annual Report Exec Summary
Expenditure Analysis-State
Meeting Minutes July 29, 2016
GC Committee Goals 10-28-16

Meeting Handouts for April 29th:
Meeting Agenda April 29, 2016
Meeting Minutes January 29, 2016
Workforce Partner Metrics
Gov’s Council Bylaws 2016 Draft 4-21-16
Gov’s Council Bylaws 2016 Draft with markup changes
GC Structure-Committees 4-29-16
New Area Desigination Request-COWIB-EC
OK WIOA Implementation Assessment 4 15 16

Meeting Handouts for July 29th:
OK State Plan Cond Acceptance Ltr
FINAL Proposed Performance Negotiation Measures
GC Agenda 07-29-16 Final
GC Minutes of 04-29-16
GC Strategic Direction Committee Work 2016-Draft 7-22-16
2017 GC Meetings
GC Committees 7-13-16
7-29-16 NSFY Overview Edited

Past Meeting Handouts/Printouts:

Local Area Initial Designation
Local Area Conditional Designation
Youth Program
WIOA LWDB Membership
WIOA Nomination Appointment Form Draft
Membership Certification Form
Eligible Training Provider
Planning Regions
State Plan
Macro Metrics
2016 Council Bylaws
Quarter 1 Local Area Analysis & Definitions
Asset Map



Youth Council

Learn more about Oklahoma’s Workforce Youth Council

Workforce System Oversight Committee

Next meeting:

  • WSOC:  August 11, 2017 at 2:00pm; OSU-OKC Business Technology Bldg. Room 300, 900 N. Portland Ave., Oklahoma City, OK

WSOC Minutes 01-15-16
WSOC Minutes 04-8-16
WSOC Minutes 06-21-16
WSOC Minutes 09-9-16
WSOC Minutes 10-7-16
WSOC Minutes 3-3-17
WSOC Minutes 4-24-17
WSOC Minutes 6-9-17
WSOC Minutes 6-23-17
WSOC Minutes 6-23-17

1-15-16 WSOC Agenda
4-8-16 WSOC Agenda
6-21-16 WSOC Agenda
9-9-16 WSOC Agenda
10-7-16 WSOC Agenda
3-3-17 WSOC Agenda
4-24-17 WSOC Agenda
6-9-17 WSOC Agenda
6-23-17 WSOC Agenda
8-11-17 WSOC Agenda

Handouts for 8-11-17 Meeting:
2. OOWD Cover Memo to WSOC
3. OWDI-06-2017-MOU-Policy-Final
4a. OWDI-07-2017-Center-Certification-Policy
4b. OWDI-07-2017-Center-Certification-Comment-Response-and-Resolutions
5. OWDI-03-2017-One-Stop-Operator-Procurement-with-Attachment.docx…
6. Oklahoma 2017 Non-Discrimination Plan 8.7.17 for WSOC
7. OWDI Nondiscrimination & EO Policy DRAFT 8.7.17
8a. OWDI 40% Min Training Rate Policy 08.07.17 Final
8b. OWDI Comment Response 40% Training Minimum FINAL 8.7.17
8c. 40% NEWDB Comments
8d. 40% COWIB Comments
8e. 40% Tulsa Comments
9a. OWDI Data Integrity Policy – 8.1.17
9b. OWDI Data Integrity Attachment OKJobMatch Data Edit Request
10a. OWDI Core Performance Measures Policy – Draft – 8.2.17
10b. OWDI Core Performance Measures Attachment Service List – Draft
11. OWDI-Fiscal Guidance Procurement Contracts 8.7.17
12. OWDI Governor’s Oversight and Monitoring 8.7.17
13a. 8.2.17 Western WDA Minutes Leo Cons Mtng cyp
13b. 2017 Western OK Workforce LEO Agreement

Healthcare Workforce Subcommittee

Minutes 12-7-16
Minutes 2-22-17
Minutes 4-19-17
Minutes 6-22-17

Agenda 12-7-16
Agenda 2-22-17

Other Information:
Local Area Physician Workforce Planning Model Pilot – ISDC 2015
February 22 Subcommittee Meeting Presentation
HWFSC Presentation
Healthcare Workforce Subcommittee Presentation 6

Career Pathways Committee

Next meeting: July 20, 2017 at 1pm

Career Pathways Committee Meeting Notes 9-29-16
Career Pathways Committee Meeting Notes 11-9-16
Career Pathways Committee Meeting Notes 1-12-17
Career Pathways Committee Meeting Notes 4-20-17
Career Pathways Committee Meeting Notes 7-20-17

Career Pathways 4-20-17 Agenda
Career Pathways 1-12-17 Agenda
Career Pathways 9-29-16 Agenda
Career Pathways 11-9-16 Agenda